For Active Everyday Use

The TheraGun G2PRO™ is the perfect companion for the everyday individuals to get the most out of their active lifestyles. Maybe you need a better way to warm up and cool down for an intense gym workout. Maybe you're the weekend warrior whose back takes a toll from sitting in the office all week. Maybe you're the teacher standing in a classroom all day, the construction worker constantly handling heavy machinery, or the parent who has to get through exhausting chores and still have enough energy to take the kids to and from soccer practice. The G2PRO™ administers targeted vibration therapy for all your muscle needs so you can do everything you love with more comfort, higher frequency, and less pain. 

Use the TheraGun G2PRO™:
  • On an area of the body that has experienced excessive stress from the daily grind.
  • For as little as 2-5 minutes on the entire body or on a specific body part to warm up the muscles before a workout and to cool down after.
  • To reduce muscle knots and discomfort with significantly less pain, and for longer treatment periods, than with other methods such as a foam roller.
  • To push out soreness in your muscles by increasing blood flow and oxygen intake in as little as 2-5 minutes.
  • To prevent certain injuries or discomfort caused by daily activities and chores.