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TheraGun’s G2PRO™ is engineered to extract the most out of your workout, every time. The device targets key areas of your body as part of your warm-up, activating your muscles and raising the performance level. After the workout, TheraGun’s vibration therapy technology directly targets specific muscle groups to quickly and effectively relieve pain, increase blood flow, and reactivate tired muscles so that your elite physical intensity stops only when you’re ready to stop.

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Chyna Cho

CrossFit Games® competitor Chyna Cho has built her life on pushing herself beyond her limits. Thanks to TheraGun, she has the device she needs to condition her muscles, relieve pain, and find her next level

Chyna shares her thoughts on the G2PRO™

Chris Hinshaw

Chris Hinshaw is a ten-time Iron Man Marathoner, former All-American Swimmer, and an elite Endurance Fitness coach. But his discovery of TheraGun has changed the way he trains his athletes to warm up and cool down.

Chris shares his thoughts on the G2PRO™

Boost Your Workout
with TheraGun

TheraGun’s vibration frequency is perfectly calibrated to target problem areas in your workout. Watch CrossFit veterans Chris Hinshaw and Chyna Cho share how they get more out of the human body.

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Chris Hinshaw


"... the value of getting all the muscle groups firing."

Chelsea Guardado


"Great tool to use before you work out to loosen up any tight muscles."

Chyna Cho


"The goal is always to push that muscle failure line further and further back."

The TheraGun G2PRO™ can be yours.