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We’re thrilled to share with you the exciting news and conversations happening around the TheraGun Community. Learn a little bit of our company history, and see what people are saying about the portable, precise, and powerful device taking the world of muscle health by storm.

TheraGun Newsroom

We’re thrilled to share with you the exciting news and conversations happening around the TheraGun Community.

Our Story

A quick walk through our history as a company.

  • January

    TheraGun takes the spotlight at the 2018 X Games in Aspen, Colorado. Top athletes including Jamie Anderson, Elena Hight, and Hannah Teter as well as ESPN host Jack Mitrani were being treated to muscular bliss by the G2PRO before and after runs.

  • February

    TheraGun makes an appearance in the locker rooms at Super Bowl LII and partners with Lululemon in a pop-up shop outside the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

  • February

    Julio Jones seen using it on sidelines during Super Bowl NFL Combine - TheraGun treated key athletes including Deshaun Watson in preparation of their combine testing.

  • March

    Yasiel Puig uses the TheraGun G1 on his own shoulder in the dugout at a Dodgers game.

  • March

    TheraGun Canada is launched.

  • March

    TheraGun makes its appearance in the World Cup.

  • May

    The TheraGun headquarters relocates from Beverly Hills to Culver City, CA.

  • June

    Kyrie Irving has the G1 administered to his lower back to treat soreness during the NBA Finals.

  • June

    Olympic Gold Medalist Kerri Walsh Jennings shares to her Facebook that the TheraGun G1 is one of her favorite gifts for Father’s Day, having gotten one for both her father and her husband.

  • July

    Summer X Games. TheraGun officially launches the new flagship product, the G2PRO™, and makes it available for Pre-order.

  • July

    TheraGun successfully reaches 150 professional sports teams in North America, getting into the locker rooms and into the hands of the best athletes and trainers in the world.

  • August

    The first G2PRO™ units ship to customers, taking the TheraGun community by storm with multiple media outlets talking about the latest and greatest.

  • September

    TheraGun founder Dr. Jason Wersland, D.C. appears on Spain’s most popular talk show, El Hormiguero 3.0, alongside winning Formula One driver Fernando Alonso, as guests of host Pablo Motos in the opening episode of the season.

  • September

    1st professional European sports team purchases the G2PRO. TheraGun meets with top professional sports clubs in Europe to bring the muscle treatment device to new markets.

  • October

    TheraGun launches a new online store to bring the best discovery and shopping experience to its growing audiences worldwide.

  • 2016

    Dr. Jason partners with serial entrepreneur Benjamin Nazarian to form TheraGun, LLC in March and officially launched the TheraGun G1. The new online store was created in June, and product began shipping in July.

  • 2015

    Dr. Jason shared the beta G1 with USC training room and the Oakland Raiders as a testing facility for the beta G1. He then began selling G1’s to professional athletes/clients for feedback. Later prototypes gained so much popularity in the industry that Dr. Jason decided further scale and infrastructure was inevitable.

  • 2014

    Dr. Jason flew to Boston and introduced the G1 product to the New England Patriots. This was TheraGun's first big sale. The team bought two and the players bought 20 units of what was a beta version at the time.

  • 2013

    Dr. Jason experimented with three different designs looking for the most ergonomic and effective product. Met with manufacture to make what eventually became the G1. Designs were also "borrowed" during this time by a couple of other entities. TheraGun manufactured 400 units in the beta stage to share and test in different environments. No one imagined that the product would be as well received as it was.

  • 2012

    After selling 250 beta units and asking for feedback from customers, chiropractors, and physical therapists on what a perfect device would look like, Dr. Jason began a global search for a the perfect device (something that could carry out the functions of strong percussive vibration and comfortable ergonomics) to create the desired device.

  • 2011

    TheraGun went through a period of research and development while Dr. Jason applied the principles of vibration therapy in his chiropractic practice.

  • 2010

    The second prototype gains momentum among the chiropractic and physical therapy circles and was applied in practice on those who needed muscle treatment such as athletes and active individuals.

  • 2008

    Dr. Jason Wersland, D.C., develops the first prototype for a handheld device that administers powerful vibration therapy. Formulated at the intersection of Dr. Jason’s experience as a practicing chiropractor and of his own injury recovery needs, the first TheraGun was born.

  • 2007

    Dr. Jason was in a motorcycle accident resulting in a severe disc extrusion in his neck. Severe pain and atrophy as a result from the extrusion.

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